Kate Curtice is the author of murder mysteries that don’t take themselves too seriously!  


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Meet Dave Riley

Much like Sherlock Holmes, Dave is a young Londoner looking for someone to go halves with on the exorbitant cost of a London flat. Unlike Holmes, Dave is not a cocaine-snorting, asexual, fighting fit violinist in search of nothing better than a good adventure to alleviate his boredom. No. Dave Riley – who would definitely refuse any drugs whatsoever, if only anyone would have the courtesy to offer – is a pacifist. A poet. A hopeless romantic, constantly on the lookout for a good woman. And definitely not seeking adventure. 

It’s just unfortunate that he keeps encountering bloody dead bodies every time he finds a new way to make ends meet…


Out soon!

What would you do if your sausage sample slicing knife was found sticking out of a dead body?

Out soon!

Jacob Marley’s spirit lives on and Dave meets a modern-day Scrooge in this Christmas Carol inspired mystery!

Out soon!

There’s a dead body on the Ghost Train ride – can Dave find out who the killer is before the Halloween Fair leaves town?

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